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We deliver a creative, fast and quality service to our customers in production; we give advice and produce audiovisual material. Through the personalized and specialized attention from our multidisciplinary team, we provide a comprehensive service, effectively detecting the needs and exceeding expectations.

….And then someone mockingly said “give it more colour “and this colloquial phrase was going around in my head and I thought it was an interesting way to name this project of illustration.


Promoting and spreading of the emerging Chilean rock and pop music  through an  on -line platform of media convergence , the diversity of content and the active participation of young helpers  interested in supporting national music.



We are a strategic partner in the development of comprehensive strategies, contemplating the vision of marketing, advertising, design, sociology, statistics and human resources, in each proposal or project for our present and future clients.


Gestion social (social management) is a consultant specializing in Social Responsibility with most experience in Chile. We offer strategic advice according to the opportunities and risks that sustainable development presents to each organization.


We are pioneers in conceptual cooperate events. We define a concept that associates a business or a product in an original way, something memorable and impacting, making sure it is cognitively recorded in the mind of the recipients. 


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